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Personal Injury

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and need a skilled personal injury attorney to fight for what you deserve, you've found the right place. YOU PAY NO FEES UNLESS WE WIN. Donald has worked in Rhode Island as a civil trial attorney for over thirty years. He spent his first nine years working as a defense attorney for insurance companies, learning the ins-and-outs of personal injury claims. Since his days working in insurance-defense, he has worked solely for personal injury victims. ​ Donald and his bilingual staff firmly believe that hard work and close, ongoing contact with clients are essential to achieving the best results for them.

Do I Have A Case

Only ten percent of Rhode Island attorneys actually see the inside of a courtroom. Some attorneys will either convince you to accept less than your claim is worth or "dump" your case on a trial attorney simply because they do not want to go to court. As a solo practitioner, Donald will fight for you from start to finish. ​ You will not be passed off to someone else just because a lawsuit may be in your best interest. ​ You will get exactly what you pay for. Who else will promise you that? Fill in the form and describe your situation to the best of your ability. Submissions are sent directly to the Law Office of Donald A. Woodbine, who will respond personally. If you prefer, you can email or call us anytime.

Why Choose us?

WE DEMAND JUSTICE AND GET RESULTS. We will recover funds for medical treatment, lost wages, future lost income, property damage and pain and suffering. We will fight for you from start to finish, no matter how far away the finish-line is. Donald has settled, arbitrated and tried hundreds and hundreds of civil matters, with excellent results. He will fight hard to win your case, and he doesn't get paid unless you do. ​ Don't wait. Call now, and speak with a professional who knows exactly how to get the most out of your claim. Call ​ (401) 589-2661 ​ To set up your free consultation.

Why You Can Trust Donald: Our Values

Attorney Woodbine handles personal injury cases involving the recovery of funds for medical treatment, lost wages, future lost income, property damage and pain and suffering. He has a strong reputation for quality legal work. He has extensive experience in personal injury litigation and the residents of Rhode Island have trusted him for over 30 years. While only 10% of Rhode Island attorneys practice in court, Donald Woodbine will work on your case from start to finish. He will not hesitate to file suit and fight aggressively for you in court if necessary.

He has a combination of courtroom skills and work ethic, which have led to the results that his clients deserve.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services for a Rhode Island. affordable pricing! With us you’ll know our in courtroom experience is going to go a very long way in helping you get the money you deserve.

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Trusting Clients

Our Legal Practice Areas

Personal Injury

We aim to achieve nothing less than exceptional results for our clients. It is through our successes that we are a top choice for legal referrals from other law firms when they are unable to settle.

Auto Accidents

Professional help and unyielding commitment to those who are injured as a result of another driver's negligence. We know the ins-and-outs of bodily injury and property-damage claims.

Civil Litigation

Your civil rights will be defended and represented on the highest level with the best outcome. We have become the first point-of-contact for numerous clients who need help with matters involving civil litigation.

Satisfied Client Stories

"I've been going to Don for years, and he has been extremely helpful every time. He just handled a probate matter for my wife and I, even though I know he doesn't usually do that. Thanks again."


"I found Attorney Woodbine both affable and at the same time very knowledgeable. Our subject matter involved the interaction between Medicare Recovery and Personal Injury Loss."

James V. Solis, Esq.

"My case was referred through another attorney (who I won't name). Donald handled it so well from start to finish. Would recommend any day."


"Attorney Woodbine handled my auto/ injury case. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of my case. Thanks to Attorney Woodbine, I was extremely satisfied with the amount which allowed me to pay my bills, as well as time to recuperate appropriately. He is a kind and empathetic man."


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